Generation to Generation

Project Leaders: Nada Hums, Heather Majaury, Pam Patel, Isabella Stefanescu

Generation to Generation story creation project took place over three one day sessions in  2014, and an intensive four day story creation workshop in 2015. The participants exchanged and enacted stories, pairing up across generations and cultures, teaching each other stories. 

In 2014 the participating families came from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan via Pakistan. One Anishinaabe family joined the project in 2015, working with a refugee family from Iraq. The participating artists were  immigrants from Syria and Romania, a second generation immigrant from India, and one artist of Anishinaabe origin.


Project Leaders: Nada Humsi, Heather Majaury, Pam Patel, Dwight Storring

Newcomer Program Community partner: Reception House Waterloo Region

Generation to Generation grew out of the work of three theatre artists who collaborated with Multicultural Theatre Space in a story generation program situated in the Waterloo Region schools. The artists used ths from the thee/school program with the adults who participated in the project. G2G Newcomer Program led inter-generational family groups in a personal story creation process. Participants in the 2013 pilot were immigrants and refugees who have come to Canada fleeing hardship.


From Generation to Generation is a video compilation of four families’ response to the question: If you could send a message to another generation what would it be? Their voices are woven together with slow motion portraits, soundscapes and music created by family members, family snapshots and cellphone video recordings of pivotal experiences in their journeys.
Generation to Generation trailer

The families co-created these videos with filmmaker Dwight Storring as part of the Generation to Generation project.

G2G is generously funded by:
Region of Waterloo Arts Fund
Artists in the Community/Workplace, Ontario Arts Council